Accommodations / Public Baths – Accommodation List

Ryokan — Traditional Japanese Hotels

A stay at a Japanese Ryokan is a must do for any authentic Japanese travel experience. There, the height of Japanese culture and hospitality will transport you into a timeless world, in which you will be pampered with the fine simplicity of Japanese life. From your arrival at the door to exchange your shoes for slippers, to the common bathing area, where you will wash and rinse before soothing your body in the steaming baths, you will become an integral part of the Japanese way.

The cuisine in its variety, presentation and quality will speak to you of the care for detail and its delivery, of the sincere desire to honor each guest.

As you retire to your room, your futon beds will be there on the tatami mat floor awaiting you, to provide you a deep and refreshing rest. Awakening refreshed perhaps, for a pre breakfast outdoor bath in the light of the rising sun, you will by the time you are offered to trade your slippers for shoes again, hesitantly leave, having genuinely absorbed a large part of the soul of Japanese life.