About Asama Hot Springs – History

Gilt Bronze Crown

▲ Hover your cursor over the picture to view a replica of the Gilt Bronze Crown.

Asama Onsen has a very long history that dates back 1,300-odd years or more.
Also nearby Asama Onsen, lies an ancient tomb that is believed to have belonged to one of a group of immigrants from present day Korea, who are believed to have settled in this area as early as the 5th Century. A gold-coated copper crown was found in this tomb.

The Entrance to Asama Onsen in the Meiji Era

In the Edo period (1603-1867), the then feudal lord while constructing Matsumoto Castle also made a bathhouse for himself. Part of it still remains today as a bathing facility.
Many nearby samurai lords also built themselves cottages in this area. As such, this district was considered as a place of retreat for Matsumoto.

Geisha dancing in front of Matsumoto Castle

After the Edo Period, the area became known as a favorite destination for many famous novelists, poets, and artists.